Updated: July 6th, 2008

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Still working away. All pages are currently posted, but they aren't all finished. I'll do some more in the next couple of days.

Current Progress:
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Pages finished: 4

Oh, and Something Awful found this site recently. So, you SA guys are basically the comic's readership right now (Sans the spambots who still haven't learned that there isn't a forum). I've only ever got one comment ever in the history of my comic before you guys showed up, so enjoy...after your particular fashion. Turbo Furry Vengance...FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!

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TADA! So what's up now? huh? HUH?!!!

So, after a bajillion and a half years, I've finally re-scripted chapter one. I've also statred drawing it. So, what can you expect from this point on??? That's a darn good question.

I no longer plan on updating Mondays, because the comic art is going to be too time consuming to gaurantee reliability. I've got a lot of responsabilities with school and all, I'm in my final year and I've got lots and lots of team projects (and we all know how much it sucks to be stuck with the guy who won't carry their weight). For now, I'm going to plan on getting an RSS feed and I'll update the comic in story segments, instead of page-by-page.

Until the first arc is done (which is replacing the Darius & Koume vs the banshee scene), I'll continue to update as I make it.

If enough people complain, I may finish Chapter 3 in the current version. However, for now, I'm just killing progress on the current comic version, and I'm going to try and catch up with the new version. I've got a lot of time off in the next 2 months, so we'll see.


What's this whole "New Comic Version" thing about? Well, I've come to dislike the comic a lot. If you go look at the first couple of pages, you can see why. I've improved so much as a comic artist that the old comic is physically painful. The storytelling bad, the art is bad, the dialogue is bad. So I'm restarting. I'm salvaging my characters and plot.

The art you see will undergo just a little more polishing, but it's pretty close to the final product.

So without further ado...

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Hey, check out the video I made. Koume vs werewolves. Also, thanks to whoever listed my comic on the Belfry, I've been getting a lot of traffic from there.